February 24, 2017

What To Look For In A T-Bone Steak

Last week, we did a feature on sirloin steak and just what makes it so good. Today, we’re taking a more in-depth look at one of the more premium cuts and popular cuts: the T-Bone steak.  

The T-Bone steak is derived from the short loin, and as the photo shows, has a bone in the shape of a T.  On either side of this bone are two of the best cuts, the striploin (or porterhouse) and the tenderloin (eye fillet)…  With the tenderness of the tenderloin and the sheer unmitigated flavour of the striploin, no wonder it’s so popular.

A good T-Bone steak will have a deep, rich red colour to it, with an even covering of white fat. Keep an eye out for even marbling to add to the juiciness and flavour of the T-Bone.

How to Cook It

Porterhouse is versatile – you can cook it in a number of ways. But because of its eating quality integrity, arguably the best way to cook porterhouse is to grill it to medium or medium rare.

Dig in

T-Bone may be a high-end steak, but it’s a very rewarding and forgiving one. It’s also not too different from any other steak in terms of how you should look after it. Just look out for those telltale signs of quality, be deliberate and careful and enjoy the flavour.

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