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Our Brands

Our Brands

The right brand for every customer

At Teys, we have award-winning brands, designed to appeal to a broad range of customer needs. Our brands are known, loved, and trusted by our retail, foodservice, and manufacturing customers all around the world.

Teys branded meat solutions

Our Brands

36° South

Sourced from Southern Australia, on the doorstep of the world-famous Coonawarra wine region, 36° South is a premium beef range that offers an unrivalled and indulgent tasting experience.

Our 36° South products are crafted with care, hand-selected, and underpinned by the Meat Standards Australia (MSA) grading system. This is award-winning, succulent, and full-flavoured beef – perfect for pairing with your favourite Coonawarra red wine.


  • MSA Graded
  • Exclusively British Breeds
  • 100 Day Grain Fed Also Available


Visit the 36° South website 

36 Degrees South brand


Our award-winning Riverine beef comes from the lush, temperate Riverine region of Australia. Riverine cattle are raised on natural pastures and then finished on a balanced diet of cereal grains for a minimum of 100 days. The result is beef that’s tender, juicy, and marbled to perfection. Riverine is underpinned by MSA standards, creating an exceptional eating experience.


  • MSA Graded
  • Available in MB2+ (Riverine Premium Range)
  • Grain fed


Visit the Riverine website

Riverine brand

Teys Certified Angus

Teys Certified Angus is the superior choice when it comes to Angus beef. Our award-winning product range combines the renowned eating quality of the Angus breed with the science of the MSA grading system. Enjoy richly flavoured, tender Angus beef in every mouthful.


  • Certified Angus
  • MSA Graded


Visit the Teys Certified Angus website

Teys Certified Angus brand


Grasslands beef delivers the great taste of 100% grass-fed beef, but better. Underpinned by the Grasslands Pasturefed Standard and the Meat Standards Australia (MSA) grading system, our products are free range and free from added hormones and antibiotics. Enjoy clean, full-flavoured beef, raised as nature intended.


  • 100% grass-fed
  • Free to roam
  • No added hormones
  • Antibiotic free
  • MSA Graded


Visit the Grasslands website

Grasslands brand

Free Rein Meat Co.

The Australian landscape is all about the natural wide-open pastures. Free Rein Meat Co. celebrates this expansive space by bringing the best local beef to your table.

Enjoy our range of 100% Aussie beef drawn from the natural wide-open paddocks of Australia, and backed by the Meat Standard Australia (MSA) grading system, ensuring a quality eating experience every time.


  • MSA Graded
  • Drawn from the wide open paddocks of Australia
  • 100% Australian


Visit the Free Rein Meat Co. website

Free Rein Meat Co. brand

Teys Black

Teys Black is 100% Australian beef that is grain fed for 100+ days and delivers quality, tenderness and flavour. Underpinned by the Meat Standard Australia (MSA) grading system, Teys Black will deliver you and your customers a consistent, full flavoured, grain fed beef option.


  • MSA Graded
  • 100+ Days Grain Fed
  • 100% Australian
Teys Black brand

Teys Classic

Teys Classic beef delivers consistent eating quality to you and your customers. We use the MSA grading system so you can always count on a quality product.


  • MSA graded
  • Grain-fed and non grain-fed options
Teys Classic Beef brand

The Four Butchers

The Four Butchers provides a wholesome range of protein products that deliver simple, delicious, and convenient family choices.

Starting with the humble story of four Teys brothers, opening a butcher shop to feed their family and local community, The Four Butchers provides affordable quality and taste you can trust – across a range of fresh beef and value added product ranges.

We know how busy life can be, The Four Butchers is here to make mealtimes easier for everyone.


Visit The Four Butchers website

Four Butchers brand

Urban Menu

Urban Menu is the perfect choice for retail and foodservice operations looking for something different.

Our innovative value added meat solutions can be created to suit any customer need. Our team collaborates with you to get to know your business and create your perfect Urban Menu solution.


  • Fresh portioned protein
  • Cooked and sous vide
  • New product development services


Visit the Urban Menu website

Urban Menu brand

Smokehouse Republic

Smokehouse Republic is a brand that celebrates the great Aussie BBQ.

Our BBQ-ready meat range includes whole muscle and cuts, smoked sausages, specialty blends, pre-smoked meats, cooked meats, marinated meats, sauces, and rubs.

Smokehouse Republic is all about bringing people together and connecting over some of Australia’s best meat.


Visit the Smokehouse Republic website

Smokehouse Republic brand

36 South


Teys Certified Angus


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