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Our Relationships With Supply Partners

Our business is built on supplying you and your customers with the best quality Australian proteins products. And we’re proud to have a strong history of doing just that. The strength and reliability of our supply is all thanks to the lasting relationships we’ve built with our producers and partners both here in Australia and around the globe.

Our Producers

Partnering with producers around Australia

We’ve always known that Aussie beef is special. That’s why, for over four generations, we’ve built relationships with now more than 7000 of the best Australian producers.

Our producers are the heart of our business, helping us to provide the best produce for our customers. They share our values and have the same commitment to safety and quality that we do.

Our dedicated livestock team, who have strong backgrounds in agricultural and animal science, work closely and openly with our producers to support them in all the great work that they do.

Relationship with producers
Feedlot supply partner

Our Feedlots

Ensuring welfare, safety, and quality is maintained

A genuine care for our animals runs through everything we do. Our three feedlots in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria are staffed by skilled stockmen and women and dedicated animal welfare officers who closely monitor animals in our care. Our feedlots are all accredited under the National Feedlot Accreditation Scheme (NFAS), so you know we’re managing our cattle to best practice animal welfare requirements.

Our team works hard to ensure we exceed required standards and improve the quality of life and welfare for our livestock. We led the way in Australia with the installation of feedlot shade cloths to keep our animals as comfortable as possible in the heat of the day. This is now an industry standard, with known benefits for the reduction of heat stress in animals and the impact on end product quality. Our focus in this area results in a higher-quality product for our customers.


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