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Food Safety

Our Commitment to Food Safety and Quality

A food partner you can trust

With 1.7 billion beef meals delivered to people across Australia and around the world every year, we can’t afford to be anything but quality-obsessed. We know how important it is for you to provide safe products to your customers, so playing our part in your supply chain, as a partner you can trust, has always been and remains our top priority.

Our food safety processes are based on industry best practices and adhere to the most rigorous Australian and global standards. You can be sure you and your customers are receiving the highest global standard of safety and quality.

Teys employee maintaining safe products

Our Team

Delivering safety and quality every time

Making sure our products remain the safe, high quality products you and your customers have come to trust is what drives us.

Our quality assurance team are experts in food safety and quality management. They champion a strong food safety culture across our business and are always assessing our operations for compliance. All of our team works incredibly hard to deliver the highest standard of food safety, because we know it’s not just important, but essential to you and your customers.

Our Food Safety And Quality Approach

We focus on three key areas to keep our food safety and quality management processes working for you.


Quality Management System

Sampling and Testing


Keeping our promises to you

By holding ourselves to the highest safety standards, you can be confident that the food safety, quality, and traceability of our product is unmatched. As an ever-evolving global food brand, we’re constantly monitoring our food safety performance – conducting hundreds of internal and external audits each year. We regularly have industry and government bodies, as well as our customers, visit and assess our operations firsthand.

Teys employee practicing high standard food safety
Teys Quality Management System for high quality product

Quality Management System

Delivering our safety and quality processes

When our customers work with us, it’s important that they’re receiving the highest quality, and safest product possible. This starts with our Quality Management System (QMS). Our QMS makes sure our Food Safety Plan is being effectively monitored, verified and documented in line with Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) principles.

This system tracks our different processes and ensures we have the right controls in place to guarantee we are not only meeting, but exceeding all industry standards. We’re always updating our QMS and tracking the effectiveness of our procedures. It’s these procedures combined with the good hygiene practices and ongoing training of our food handlers, that ensures we meet the highest possible standards of food safety for our customers day in and day out.

Our Food Safety Accreditations

Going a step further for food safety and quality

Sampling And Testing

Going a step further for food safety and quality

We know the food we deliver needs to exceed your (and your customers’) expectations. Extensive sampling and testing measures are part of our food safety approach. We test our fresh beef and carton products daily, prior to transport and shipping, to make sure only the highest standard of product is delivered to our customers.

Teys employees practicing extensive testing and sampling

“What I love most at the end of the day is knowing I play a part in sending out clean and safe products for our customers to enjoy. After all, this is why we’re all here.”


Quality Assurance Manager,
Biloela Queensland.

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