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Our Production Capabilities

Providing our customers with a broad range of protein products is what we are best known for, but that’s not all we do. We work hard to create and deliver a complete range of value added, food manufacturing and co-product solutions to our customers around the world.

Our Processing Facilities

Producing safe, quality products for you

Our teams at each of our processing facilities are the best at what they do. Our overarching commitment to quality and safety is evident at every stage in the journey, as our people work hard to deliver the best fresh beef products for our customers.

We have six beef processing facilities across the Eastern Seaboard of Australia, with each location chosen specifically for its close proximity to prime cattle producing regions. This keeps transportation times to a minimum, and means we can confidently meet quality and animal welfare requirements, while delivering the best possible fresh beef product to you.

Teys meat in process plant
Teys employee at manufacturing facility

Our Food Manufacturing Facilities

Making food solutions to fit your needs

Creating high quality portioned, cooked and ready-to-eat products for our customers is the primary goal of our food manufacturing operations.

Our export accredited, value added facilities give us the ability to provide our customers in Australia and around the world with food solutions that fit their exact needs. Our team of food specialists work alongside the Teys network of chefs and food technicians to make sure that you’re receiving the highest quality in customisable value added solutions.

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Our Co-Products

Making more for our customers

Many people don’t know that we make more than just great food. We’ve always looked at our operations broadly, and where possible, found ways to repurpose what otherwise could have been leftover. This approach not only minimises waste across our production processes and reduces our environmental footprint, it gives us the opportunity to help create new products and better serve communities around the world. Today, our co-products are used to produce a diverse range of consumer goods in a number of markets.

Teys Murgon co product facility

Our Co-Products

Leather Products

Hides from our processing facility in Murgon (located in South East Queensland, Australia) are shipped to customers all around the world. Our hides undergo further processing into leather for a range of different purposes in the footwear, luggage, furniture and automotive industries.

Teys leather products

Animal Feed

We want to make sure that we are acting sustainably and preventing waste wherever we can. That’s why some of the co-products we produce across our processing operations are saved and used to create a variety of animal feed, including stock feed, aqua feed and pet food.

Teys animal feed


We’re always looking for ways to help create a brighter future. At Teys, we supply our rendered co-products for use in the manufacturing of biofuel — a renewable and environmentally friendly alternative to regular petrol. Ready-to-use biofuel can have a really positive environmental impact, delivering up to a 90% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions when compared to diesel.

Teys biofuel

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