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Our Commitment to You

Food solutions to meet your business goals

Retailers face a unique set of challenges – from making sure your products align with consumer trends, to having a diversified range, and even simply managing supply so cases are never empty.

Having worked with retailers around the world for decades, we understand how important it is that you have safe, trusted partners. That’s why we work collaboratively, using our experience as a global food brand to create the best product mix for you and your customers.

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Your Protein Partner

Understanding your priorities

We know how important it is for you to work with a supply partner that has the scale and capability to provide you with the right solutions. Partnering with Teys means that you’re in a relationship with a specialist team with knowledge and expertise that’s been developed by serving customers just like you for generations. We can help you minimise risk and provide a safe, consistent, quality supply. We can provide greater peace of mind for you, and a great range of products for your customers.

Our Product Range

Our supply chain starts with our personal, long-standing relationships with more than 7000 Aussie beef producers. We also work with a range of tried and tested protein and ingredient suppliers, to provide a flexible product range, from retail ready, to value added products, and flexible packaging and branding options – all while tapping into the latest consumer trends.

Retail Ready Solutions

Ready to go for your convenience

To help you add convenient options into your product mix, we have a broad range of retail ready solutions that you can display on shelf as soon as they’re delivered. Our retail ready range includes fresh case-ready, deli smallgoods and fully cooked prepared options.

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Wide range of Teys fresh beef and value added

Fresh Beef and Valued Added Solutions

Flexible and customised protein options

We know that customer needs can evolve quickly. Our team collaborates with chefs and food technologists to produce curated and customised products. Your customers get the benefit of our fresh beef solutions, as well as a range of beef, lamb and pork value added products, ready to eat, and heat ’n’ eat ranges.

Our Value Added
Protein Options


Consumer Trends

Helping you take advantage of an ever-evolving market

Our business is always evolving to help you stay competitive. We use our market insights and industry experience to actively identify and analyse the latest consumer trends. We then work across our entire supply chain, making the most of our strong relationships and capabilities, to provide products that deliver on these trends. For example, we have aligned to the health-conscious consumer with ranges that include lean mince, lean steak cut offerings and set weight-portioned controlled options.

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Wide range of Teys labelling solutions


Flexible solutions to help position your product

We provide you with the flexibility to brand products with your private label, or choose from one of our established brands. Retailers that choose to offer products under their own label typically do so to build customer loyalty. Whereas those seeking the convenience and trust that comes with an established brand can also benefit by adding diversity to their product range. We also have a range of ‘phantom brands’ to support market testing, providing an easy way to get new products on to your shelves. Whatever your objective, we work with you to develop the right solution for your business.


Solutions that enhance quality and safety

Our packaging solutions have been built to meet your unique needs, with each designed to maintain product integrity, preserve shelf life, and deliver convenience to your customers. We also take into account what’s right for the planet, by offering sustainable packaging choices. Our range of packaging options include:

  • Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)
  • Vacuum Skin Packaging (VSP)
  • Thermoform
  • Conventional Vacuum Packaging
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Our Brands

Giving you a trusted platform

Our portfolio of trusted brands are designed to help your product range cater to a wider variety of customer wants and needs. They are uniquely positioned to appeal to different types of customers, whether they’re promoting quality, sustainability, innovation or other benefits. By choosing one of our brands, you’re tapping into established assets, supported by our brand marketing, that customers know and trust.


Our Team

Support across your full supply chain

Our working relationships start with high-quality protein products, however this isn’t where it ends. We have the market experience and insights to deliver products suited to your business. When we work with retail customers, we collaborate across the entire supply chain, which includes supporting merchandising, marketing, as well as product development and supply management.

Our Account Management team monitors the effectiveness of the product range we are supplying you, making sure you’ve got the right experience on the ground to support you in showcasing products, improving in-store selling and driving category growth.

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