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Animal Welfare

Our Animal Welfare Standards

Maintaining best practices

At Teys, best practice animal welfare is part of our DNA. Our company has always been filled with people who genuinely care about animals, starting with the Teys brothers. And to this day, we always act with animal welfare in mind.

We work hard to ensure every animal in our care is treated with respect, and we have a zero tolerance for animal mistreatment of any kind, across our entire supply chain. We also understand how important it is to continue to review and improve our welfare practices. We know that when we raise the bar within our own company, we’re helping raise the bar for our industry as a whole.

Teys best animal welfare practice

Our Welfare Stewards

Our Animal Health Experts

It’s our people who really bring our animal welfare standards to life. We have animal experts across our operations leading the way for our business.

From our senior registered veterinarian who leads our animal welfare program to our teams of consulting and onsite vets providing expert care and treatment to animals that need it across our facilities. Our Consulting vets provide ongoing training to our feedlot stockmen and women to make sure our hospital teams are always up to date with the latest animal treatment techniques.

Teys animal health expert
Teys experienced livestock team

Our Livestock Team

Our dedicated livestock team is filled with people with strong agricultural, animal, and vet science backgrounds, all united by their passion for animal welfare.

At our sites, animal welfare officers and experienced stockmen and women are on hand every step of the way to make sure animals are always treated with dignity, respect and care. Whether performing health checks on arrival, monitoring cattle in their yards, or moving cattle for transport, we always use low stress stock handling techniques.

For our people, it’s not just about meeting regulatory requirements and customer expectations, it’s about always striving for the best care possible, because it’s the right thing to do.

“I spend a lot of time in the pens on horseback getting our cattle to trust us. They’re used to me and Libby, so we can move freely around them to check if they’re okay. If I see an animal that’s sick or injured, I take it to the hospital shed for treatment. Their health and welfare always comes first.”

Shannon, Stockperson,

Jindalee Feedlot, NSW

Teys animal health

“Our cattle eat well here. Working with animal nutritionists, we source the best natural ingredients to create nutritionally-balanced, quality feed. We cook the feed fresh onsite in our steam flaking mills and personally deliver it to our cattle every day.”

Cameron, Feed Mill Leading Hand,

Condamine Feedlot, QLD

Teys animal commitment

“I’m here for the cattle, to look out for their welfare and to be their voice. Every day I check on them in the yards and elsewhere on site, as well as those arriving by truck to make sure they’re being handled and cared for to the best possible standards.”

Amy, Animal Welfare Officer,

Naracoorte, SA

Teys supply chain standard
Teys leading animal welfare experts

Innovative Welfare Solutions

Working with leading experts and industry groups

We’re always looking for ways to improve our animal welfare performance, which is why we collaborate with other experts and organisations to refine our stock handling systems and operations. Using the knowledge of world-renowned experts such as Dr Temple Grandin (PhD and Professor of Animal Science at Colorado State University), we’ve developed the most humane animal handling infrastructure across all of our plants and feedlots. We also pioneered feedlot shading in Australia – being the first business to introduce shade solutions to help with heat-load management, animal comfort, and welfare.

We are also a passionate advocate for ‘whole of life animal welfare and are a key player within the Australian Beef Sustainability Framework (ABSF) steering group. This allows us to be an active voice for our industry, help lead improvements, and set new animal welfare benchmarks across Australia.

Our Welfare Guarantee

Delivering on our commitment every day

We know animal welfare is an around-the-clock job and we make sure that we’re delivering the best standard of care, every single day.

Our processing operations are accredited under the Australian Livestock Processing Industry Animal Welfare Certification System (AAWCS) and our feedlots operate under the National Feedlot Accreditation Scheme (NFAS). We also take part in rigorous and regular auditing, welfare monitoring programs, and industry accreditations.

The standards we set are supported by the amazing people that we work with across our supply chain. Our producers and transporters all share our strong stance on animal welfare and demonstrate this by committing to our Vendor Animal Welfare Requirements. Together, we’re doing our part to improve animal welfare across the Australian beef industry.

See our animal welfare policy and full list of animal welfare accreditations here.

OUR accreditations
Teys commitment to animal welfare