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Bringing you the best Aussie beef

The quality Teys products that you know and love all start with the 7000 Aussie producers with whom we partner. Our producers give their all to the cattle they raise, sharing the same care and compassion for animals, and respect for the land that we do.

Our Aussie producers nurture and raise their cattle to the highest animal welfare standards while also looking for new ways to improve and evolve their practices. That’s because they’re focused on creating the best environments possible for cattle to thrive. Together, we’re proud to bring the best Australian beef to communities all around the world.

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Our Experience

Partnering with Aussie producers for generations

We’ve been building strong, lasting partnerships with producers big and small for decades. In fact, we’re still working with some of the same farming families, generation after generation.

These long-standing relationships are built on the foundations of trust and respect, and are one of the main reasons we’re able to consistently deliver some of the safest and highest quality Australian beef to people around the world.

Meet Our Producers

Our quality Teys products start with the 7000 Aussie producers with whom we partner.

Our Livestock Programs

Supporting Aussie producers for more than 50 years

At Teys, we have six different livestock programs that you can join. If you’re interested in selling to Teys, our experienced livestock team is here to help. Just like you, most of the team have been raised on, or have their own, cattle properties, so they understand what’s important to you.


Teys experienced livestock team

“We value the ongoing relationship with Teys Australia. It provides our business with certainty and an opportunity to do what we do best – provide consistent, high-quality cattle to a local processor.”

Tess & Andrew Herbert

Pastoral Company

“All communication with Teys is prompt and efficient, including cattle bookings, cattle performance feedback, and prompt payments. By working with Teys, we have been able to increase efficiencies and grow our livestock enterprise.”

Haydn & Kerri Lamb

Wickham Farms Killarney

Teys producer relationships