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Our Fresh Beef Solutions

Our Fresh Beef Commitment

Relationships from paddock to plate

Across retail, food service, and manufacturing industries we know that our customers value and expect quality, fresh beef products that are consistent each and every time. That’s why we partner with more than 7,000 dedicated producers across Australia who share our vision of providing fresh beef products with a real difference – consistent, high quality and traceable from paddock to plate.

High quality fresh beef solutions
Consistent fresh beef solutions

Australian Bred, Internationally Recognised

Known for consistency, quality, and traceability

Every day we ship fresh beef all around the world to customers who value our product not only for its quality, but also for its safety and nutritional value.

We understand your customers want to know where your product comes from. This is why traceability is, and always has been, very much a part of our DNA, starting with our direct relationships with each and every one of our producers. We are confident knowing we provide customers with a wholesome product, with our premium brands being backed by the most accurate beef grading system in the world – Meat Standards Australia (MSA).

Our Beef Cuts

Our Beef Cuts

Our Feeds

Customer needs vary from market to market, so we work with you to provide products that uniquely fit your needs. For this very reason, we provide 100% grass-fed beef, as well as grain fed and mixed feed options.

Our Australian livestock are raised in a healthy environment of natural pastures, or in our renowned feedlots where cattle are finished on grain.

  • 100% Grass fed (verified under the Grasslands Pasturefed Standard)
  • Grain fed
  • Mixed feed

Our Breeds

A big benefit of the strong relationships we maintain with more than 7,000 Aussie cattle producers is the broad range of cuts, feeds and breeds we can provide our customers. Our breeds include:

  • Teys Certified Angus (third party accredited and MSA graded)
  • British breeds and their crosses
  • Tropical breeds and their crosses
Teys employee grading Teys beef


Having transparency across your supply chain has never been more important, and we recognise our part in providing a traceable, reliable and graded product. That means delivering choice between quality-assured MSA and non-MSA graded products.

Teys beef marbling with seasoning


Customers around the world are seeking the best quality product in their market. Marbling in beef has a positive impact on eating quality for flavour and juiciness. We can accurately provide you with consistent supply that meets a marble score of 2+ on selected brands, giving you more choice for your customers.

Our Accreditations

Grass Fed
Grain Fed
Free Range
Antibiotic Free
Grass Fed
Grain Fed
Free Range
Antibiotic Free


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