October 14, 2016

The 4 Biggest Benefits of 100% Australian Beef

Customers in Australia and all over the world love buying Australian-made and sourced produce. But when it comes to beef, what are the real benefits of buying 100% Australian?

We’ve decided to break it down and explain the 4 biggest benefits of buying Australian beef for families, businesses and importers.


It’s no secret that Australian beef is some of the highest quality beef in the world. Thanks to the revolutionary Meat Standards Australia (MSA) Program, our country’s agricultural industry leads the way in giving consumers the best information on getting the most quality out of their purchases.

And let’s not forget – high quality beef doesn’t just mean high quality flavour. It also means exceptional nutritional value.

Have a look at our guide to the MSA grading system to see just how easy it is to identify and enjoy amazing quality beef from Australia.

Animal Welfare Standards

When it comes to animal welfare in agriculture, Australia’s standards are some of the most rigorous in the world. In 2005, The Australian Meat Industry Council (AMIC) developed a game-changing set of standards called “National Animal Welfare Standards for Livestock Processing Establishments”. These standards are reviewed regularly and provide an industry-leading touchstone for how to ethically and humanely treat cattle as they’re prepared for the beef market.

In addition, Animal Health Australia have produced the Australian Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines for Cattle. This standard is being adopted across all States and Territories in Australia and is aligned with scientific knowledge, animal welfare best practice and community expectations. For more information about this Standard go to www.animalwelfarestandards.net.au.

At Teys, we pride ourselves on upholding the best possible animal welfare standards.

Food Safety

Australian beef exceeds internationally recognised food safety and animal health standards.

In addition, Australia’s supply chain traceability systems and product integrity are second-to-none. This  makes it a highly sought after product with virtually unlimited market access across the globe.

There are a number of factors unique to Australia that make our livestock industry incredibly safe:

  • As an island nation, we have natural border protection, which has kept Australia free of all major livestock epidemic diseases.
  • Wide open spaces provide sustainable, natural and stress-free grazing environment.

Have a look at Teys Australia’s Food Safety & Quality Practices to find out more.

Environmental Sustainability

This might surprise you – Australia’s livestock industry has reduced emissions from 20.8% to 10.4% of the national greenhouse total since 2005. In fact, the red meat and livestock industry has set the ambitious target of being carbon neutral by 2030. That means Australia has one of the most sustainable meat industries in the world.

If you would like to know more about what initiatives farmers are implementing take a look at www.goodmeat.com.au/environment-sustainability/#

Read more about our Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability commitments.

Wondering what to do next? Check out our extensive guide to cooking Australian beef cuts to get started on cooking up an Aussie BBQ storm.

Buy 100% Australian Beef to experience one of the highest quality meats the world has to offer.

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