October 7, 2016

Our MSA Grade Beef

What if there was a system in place that ensured you never ate a disappointing cut of beef again…

There is! The MSA Grading System has got your back and is considered by many to be the most accurate beef grading system in the world.

The MSA grading system is designed to take the guesswork and crossed fingers out of buying and cooking Australian beef. The program was developed using more than 100,000 consumers, across seven countries, who taste-tested some 700,000 beef samples to define what traits affect the eating quality of red meat. Paired against eight recognised cooking methods the system can accurately predict the eating quality outcomes of individual beef cuts.

There are few things worse than sitting down for a delicious, hearty steak only to discover the meat is tough, dry or full of gristle. MSA graded beef guarantees that you will get a tender, tasty and juicy cut of beef on your plate every time. Want some tips for cooking your delicious beef? See our beef cooking tips and our Australian beef cuts blog posts.

What is the MSA score based on?

The entire MSA program has evolved with the consumer at heart. Every decision and feature of the model has been developed working backwards from the consumer. You say what makes and/or breaks your beef eating experience.
With that in mind, MSA graded product is taste-tested by everyday consumers who score the beef according to its performance in each of the following traits:

  • Tenderness
  • Juiciness
  • Flavour
  • Overall liking

The talented team behind the MSA program then take that information and use it to ensure the MSA model reflects evolving consumer’s tastes, wants and needs.

Click here for more information about MSA grading and scores.

Our MSA Graded Beef

By underpinning our key consumer brands with the MSA grading system, our brands have gained a strong reputation for delivering consumers a consistently tender, juicy and flavoursome eating experience every time.

For more information about the MSA standards for grading beef, click here. Want to watch the MSA grading process in action? Check out this video.

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