October 13, 2016

3 Big Reasons Why Angus Beef Should Be Your Beef of Choice

A few years ago, Angus beef enjoyed a surprising surge in popularity – especially in Australia. It went from being a respected but little-known breed, to a world-renowned household name. What happened?

Well, one of the most thoroughly enjoyable meat eating experiences is produced from Angus beef. Here at Teys Australia, we think consumers simply cottoned on to just how enjoyable and wholesome Angus meat is.

But what actually makes it so good? We’ve decided to clear things up by boiling it down to Angus Beef’s three most unique characteristics.

Superior Marbling

The superior quality of Angus beef comes from its excellent marbling, tenderness, texture and flavour.

You’ll recognise ‘marbling’ as the little white flecks scattered throughout a cut of beef. Marbling takes its name from… you guessed it, the fact that it looks like a marble pattern.

Two raw new york steaks on cutting board with thyme and peppercorns

Marbling is actually a natural inlay of fat. When this fat is evenly distributed in the meat, it heightens the overall eating quality and makes the meat juicier and more flavoursome. Teys Australia’s Certified Angus Beef is marbled to perfection, and this creates delicious, tender and rich flavour that delivers on every mouthful.


Just so you know, “Angus” isn’t just a marketing buzzword. It’s one of the longest-standing breeds of cattle in agricultural history.

Angus cattle are bred all around the world. The vast number of Angus animals in existence provides an immense pool of available genetics, and this allows the breed to respond to new challenges and meet commercial demands.

Angus cattle were first introduced to Australia in 1824 (from the Aberdeen region in Scotland). Although originally imported to Tasmania, there are now countless Angus herds across Australia, and the breed is world-famous for consistently delivering the finest quality beef.

At Teys, we pride ourselves on maintaining the integrity of our Angus brand. By using our rigorous Angus certification process and the Meat Standards Australia (MSA) grading system, we can guarantee that you will have an outstanding eating experience every time.

Our Accolades!

Still not convinced? Check this out…

Our Teys Certified Premium Black Angus recently took home Silver at the 2016 World Steak Challenge! We were lucky enough to receive this recognition in a year when the competition proved tougher than ever before. All things considered, we were stoked with the result and are now prouder than ever to share our Angus range with you.

Interested in learning more? Have a look at our guide to cooking Australian beef cuts and info on our quality livestock guarantee.

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