October 6, 2016

Brand Spotlight: Our Riverine Tender Cut Beef

Choose our Riverine Tender Cut Beef for an exceptional eating experience, every time.

Our Riverine Beef is produced from carefully selected cattle that are raised in the lush, temperate Riverine region of Australia. Riverine cattle are raised on natural pastures, finished on grain for 100 days and aged to ensure superior tenderness, marbling and rich flavour. They are then graded under the MSA grading system to ensure that our Riverine brand delivers great quality beef every time.

What is the difference between grass fed and grain fed beef?

Grass fed beef and grain fed beef offer different attributes that are simply a matter of taste and personal preference. Grass fed beef is often praised for its robust flavour, and grain fed beef is renowned for its increased marbling and tender, mild taste.

By grass feeding our animals and then grain finishing them for 100 days, we ensure our beef has great flavour AND juiciness. When we say ‘grain fed’, this means our cattle are fed a balanced diet of cereal grains to ensure their nutritional requirements are met. These ingredients are different to those used in the US, where soy and corn are more commonly used in the diet.

If you’re on the hunt for some delicious grass fed beef, try our Grasslands Premium range.

The Welfare of Our Riverine Livestock

The ‘Livestock Welfare Certified System’ accreditation attached to our  Riverine products acknowledges that our livestock processing establishments operate to an independently certified animal welfare system, ensuring all livestock under our control, from receival to humane processing, are managed in accordance with best practice animal welfare standards. Want to know more about our approach to animal welfare? See our post on the 5 Freedoms of Animal Welfare

Our Riverine Beef is available from selected butchers and restaurants. If you’re after some Riverine Beef cooking tips and recipes, check out our Riverine Youtube Channel, which features our resident chef Ben Higgs.

Our other delicious beef brands include Grasslands Premium, Premium Black Angus, and Cedric Walter.
Try our range today.

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