March 20, 2017

Good Chef Bad Chef – Different Cuts of Steak

In this ‘Good Chef Bad Chef’ video Adrian “Richo” Richardson talks you through some different Australian beef cuts – including his all-time favourite, Scotch Fillet. The grass fed beef Richo is displaying is from our Grasslands Beef Range. Buy some from your local Woolworths today!

To sum it up, here are the beef cuts he mentions and their eating qualities:

Rump: One of the best cuts of beef out there, this cut is large, flavoursome and a little chewy.

Filet steak/tenderloin: Fillet steak is tender and moist – due to its great quality it is quite expensive, so use it sparingly!

Grass fed Porterhouse: A great all-rounder – not too large, well marbled and delicious.

T-bone: This cut features the porterhouse on one side and fillet on the other – separated by a bone which is great for chewing on (if you’re into that kind of thing).

Scotch Fillet: AKA eye fillet without the bone. This cut is tender, moist and flavoursome.

Stay tuned for more GCBD content!

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