October 12, 2016

Brand Spotlight: Our Central Highlands Farmers Beef

For today’s brand spotlight, we’re excited to spill the beans on our new line of Central Highlands Farmers Beef.

Straight from the pristine grassland of Queensland’s Central Highlands and its surrounding districts, Central Highlands Farmers Beef reflects the humble characteristics of the region itself – it’s subtle, modest and worth taking time to savour.

Our Central Highlands range is MSA graded and free of added hormones.

Want to try this range for yourself? It’s available in QLD from Woolworths stores that have an in-store meat servery.

About the Central Highlands

The Central Highlands region is renowned for its idyllic, picturesque landscapes – it represents the perfect look and feel of country life.

Tourists and outdoor hobbyists flock to the region every year to experience its natural beauty. Well-known attractions like Carnarvon Gorge and Lake Maraboon only just scratch the surface of what this vast region has to offer.

The Central Highlands are incredibly diverse, and have an amazing sense of spirit. It packs a whole lot of surprises.

100% Grass Fed Beef

While the Central Highlands region is a popular tourist destination, it also one of the most prolific cattle producing areas in Australia with abundant, fresh pastures – which makes it a cow’s version of heaven!

Our farmers have a real connection to the land with decades of experience. They know that keeping cattle on a strict and natural 100% grass diet makes for one of the healthiest beef products for consumers.  

Central Highlands Farmers Beef at the Ekka

Every year at Brisbane’s Royal Ekka, farmers and professionals from all over Queensland gather to showcase their produce in front of an enormous crowd.
In 2016, Central Highlands Farmers got the chance to showcase their products at the annual event – a perfect testament to the amazing quality of their products!

Grilled steak being cut on a cutting board

For the perfect guide to cooking our Central Highlands Farmers Beef, check out our guide to cooking grass fed beef steaks.

For more information and updates on the brand, visit Central Highlands Farmers on Facebook.

You can also check out our other delicious beef options including our Premium Black Angus, Urban Menu and Cedric Walter ranges.

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