September 20, 2016

Teys Brand Spotlight: The Cedric Walter Range

Are you a fan of the pre-cooked ‘grab and go’ chickens that you can buy from your local supermarket? Well, we’re excited to announce the red meat equivalent – the Cedric Walter Range!

Our revolutionary range, which is available at Woolworths supermarkets Australia wide, includes pre-cooked hot roast beef and hot corned beef products that are ready to be sliced and served.

We spent 15 months refining these products so that we could get them just right. The result? Pre-cooked beef products that are tender, juicy and flavoursome. The Cedric

Walter pre-cooked range is designed to provide everyday Australian families with nutritious, affordable, wholesome, high-quality and convenient meal solutions that taste great.

All Cedric Walter beef is 100 % Australian.

Who Was Cedric Walter?

Cedric Walter was one of the four brothers who joined together to create the Teys Group in 1946. It all began well before that though, when Cedric decided to become a butcher’s apprentice in one of the state-owned shops of the era. Cedric started at the bottom and with sheer hard work and determination he moved up the ranks.

With an entrepreneurial family spirit, Cedric and his brothers opened their own butcher shop in the suburb of Woolloongabba in Brisbane, with a vision to provide quality meat to hardworking families.

The Cedric Walter range reflects the vision, values and determination of the man himself.

Why Choose the Cedric Walter Range?

At Cedric Walter, we pride ourselves providing:

  • Affordable and convenient centre of plate meal solutions for everyday Australian families
  • Wholesome and traditional beef products
  • Meat that is 100% Australian

Tired of the same old roast chicken when you need a quick but delicious meal?

Give our pre-cooked beef products a go! Our range is available at Woolworths supermarkets Australia wide.

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