November 17, 2020

The 2019 Teys Australia Sustainability Report

At Teys, we’re serious about creating better and brighter futures for our communities and our planet.

For us, reducing our environmental footprint is not just about setting goals, we want to produce real and positive results for our business and communities. And we’re transparent in our efforts to get there.

Our aim is to be ‘better than best practice’ when it comes to our environmental performance; across energy, water and emissions management. Our 2019 Teys Australia Sustainability Report demonstrates that this strong environmental focus is producing positive results.

Throughout 2019, we continued to invest heavily in sustainable business practices, energy efficiency projects and renewables. As a result, we have been able to deliver on some of our bold 2023 energy and carbon intensity targets ahead of schedule.

We have seen an 8.6% reduction in energy intensity (compared to a target of 6%), and have reduced carbon intensity across our business by 22% (compared to a target of 20%).

“These achievements, and our collective commitment to sustainability, are only made possible through the passion and dedication of our hard-working employees,” said CEO Brad Teys.

“We continue to invest in sustainable business practices and, as a result, we are making good progress in our three major sustainability focus areas – the health, safety and wellbeing of our workforce, reducing our environmental impact and best practice animal welfare.”

To learn more, the 2019 Teys Sustainability Report is available here.

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