November 9, 2018

Tips & Resources for Finding Meat Industry Jobs

Would you like a career in the meat industry? If you’re not sure where to start, here are some tips and resources to get you going. Working on cattle properties can be very rewarding and if you like a rural lifestyle this could be exactly what you’re looking for.

Want more information about the skills and competencies that are required for employment in the on-station beef production sector?

Check out the Beef industry on-station quality workforce handbook (PDF, 1MB).

This document details career pathways for the various on-station roles in the beef production sector.

Here are some online resources you can use to find meat industry jobs online:

Teys Australia Jobs Page

We employ over 4,500 people across our network of processing facilities, feedlots, value-add facilities and admin offices. As an ever-expanding company, we are often on the lookout for talented staff who are willing to learn and excited to contribute to our business.

To stay up to date with our job postings, regularly check our job directory page, browse and follow us on Facebook.

People in Agriculture Website

The People in Agriculture website is a fantastic place for career guidance and inspiration. This site has a whole section that is dedicated to employees, featuring tips and information about how you can secure yourself a position in the beef industry.

This site was developed with Rural Research and Development Corporations and Meat & Livestock Australia.

ALFA Website

If you would like to work in the feedlot industry, the Australian Lot Feeders Association website is a great place to start. Make sure that you regularly visit their careers page, and don’t forget to register your interest. Once you’re registered, you will be notified when suitable positions become available. You can also submit your resume and profile so that prospective employers can see you.

Want more employment tips? Check out this article from Beef Central, featuring five questions that great candidates ask prospective employers. You can also browse Beef Central’s recruitment page. This article includes information that has been adapted from Future Beef.

Good luck with your meat industry job hunting!

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