December 7, 2020

Driven to Lead the Way in Animal Welfare

Striving to exceed minimum standards and an organisation-wide commitment to treating every animal with respect are key to Teys’ approach to animal welfare.

Dr John Langbridge, General Manager of Industry and Corporate Relations said, “Animal welfare at Teys was a moral and ethical responsibility first, which required a commitment to staying well ahead of minimum legal compliance requirements.”

Before taking up his current role at Teys, John was head of the Australian delegation to the Codex Meat Hygiene Committee, and represented the Commonwealth on the Australian Meat Standards Committee. He also sat on other industry working groups and worked for the Australian Meat Industry Council as Veterinary Counsel. He draws on this extensive experience to provide technical advice and liaise between Teys, industry, government and customers on animal welfare practices.

John said, “Teys set itself apart by being among the earliest drivers and adopters of the meat processing industry’s standard on animal welfare.”

Teys has taken on an industry leadership role in developing and implementing the industry animal welfare standard. This is based on the work of a number of internationally renowned animal behaviour experts including Dr Temple Grandin.

“We continually review all of our animal handling practices to seek better ways of ensuring the ongoing welfare of animals. We aim to exceed the community’s expectations of a responsible business in the area of animal welfare.”

In practical, everyday terms, Teys has a zero tolerance for animal mistreatment of any kind, across the entire supply chain.

“We work hard to ensure every animal in our care is treated with respect, and Teys has always been filled with people who genuinely care about animals, starting with the Teys brothers who founded the company,” John said.

“It’s important that our suppliers, customers and our communities understand and believe that Teys are committed to the welfare of animals both on the farm and at all of our processing facilities,” John said.

Teys has animal experts working across all operations, including trained stock handlers at feedlots under the general supervision of expert consulting vets who provide expert care and treatment to animals that need it.

From health checks on new cattle, monitoring cattle on horseback, or moving them for transport, every person in the team is trained in low stress animal handling techniques.

You can find out more about animal welfare at Teys here.

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