February 8, 2017

Paddock to Plate

Almost two decades of research conducted by the world-leading Meat Standards Australia program has confirmed it. Stress-free cattle produce the best meat.

The program was launched in 1999, and has since become widely adopted across the supply chain in Australia and recognised internationally.

The grading process analyses and predicts a carcass’ eating quality according to a series of complex factors. At the end, beef cuts are graded as ‘good every day quality’ (three stars), ‘premium quality’ (four stars) or ‘supreme quality’ (five stars).

Only cuts that meet all of the MSA minimum requirements are identified as MSA graded.

To ensure the beef you buy meets your expectations every time, MSA producers and processors must apply quality of life guidelines to the welfare, nutrition, genetic improvement and transport of their livestock.

To learn more about the steps that take MSA product from the paddock to your plate, watch the video below:

To find out more, visit Meat Standards Australia.

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