July 27, 2018

GCBC on the Importance of Browning Meat

In this video, Adrian Richardson from Good Chef Bad Chef demonstrates the importance of seared beef. In his own words, “There’s browning meat and then there’s greying meat, and the two are completely different.”

The secret to a great sear is a really hot pan – the steak (which should be room temperature and rubbed with oil, salt and pepper) should sizzle quite loudly on contact.

To show you the difference between browned and ‘greyed’ meat, Adrian uses two of our delicious Grasslands porterhouse steaks.

Watch the video below and find out just how important browning your meat is. Trust us, your meat won’t just look more appealing, it will taste 100 times better too!

Want to read more about seared beef? Check out our post on the Maillard Reaction (aka the chemical reaction behind a delicious sear!).

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