January 23, 2019

Australia Day Recipe – Aussie Burger

Preparation: 10 minutes | Cooking: 15 minutes | Serves: 4

With Australia Day coming up, we thought we should share one of our favourite Australia Day recipes – this Aussie Burger from myfoodbook.

With delicious homemade patties, avocado, beetroot, pineapple, cheese, relish and salad this burger is seriously delicious!


  • 500g beef mince
  • 1 small onion, finely chopped
  • 1 tablespoon tomato chutney, plus extra, to serve
  • ½ cup dried breadcrumbs
  • 5 eggs
  • Salt and pepper
  • 4 cheddar cheese slices
  • 4 (100g) rashers bacon
  • 4 seeded burger buns, halved and toasted
  • 1 avocado, peeled and mashed
  • 1 baby cos lettuce, leaves separated
  • 8 slices canned beetroot
  • 2 vine-ripened tomatoes, sliced
  • 200g pineapple, peeled and thinly sliced


  1. Put mince, onion, tomato chutney, breadcrumbs and one egg in a medium bowl. Season with salt and pepper and mix well. Divide the mixture into 4 equal portions and shape into patties.
  2. Heat a large, lightly-oiled non-stick frying pan over medium heat. Add the patties and cook for 3 minutes. Turn and top with a slice of cheese. Cook for a further 3-4 minutes or until cheese is melted and patties are cooked. Set aside and keep warm. Wipe out the pan.
  3. Cook bacon until golden and crisp (approx 2 minutes each side). Remove from pan. Crack the remaining 4 eggs into the pan and cook for 3 minutes, sunny side up.
  4. Spread the base of each bun with avocado. Top with lettuce, beetroot, tomato, pineapple, burger patty, bacon and a fried egg. Serve with the extra tomato chutney, and enjoy!

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